Monday, October 22, 2007

Guys awesome day today

Alright... I didn't get to go sarging today... I was at school till 5:00 PM but it wasn't wasted time!

I got to school and everything went normal.. not much interesting stuff.. then at lunch I see the girl who was supposed to meet me on friday but never did.

She brought it up and told me that she asked her boyfriend and they got into a huge fight about it.

She might just be leading me on or some other shit... but it doesn't matter... maybe a later time.. maybe not at all.

After school I saw this girl by the library and it was really cold outside. Her nipples were hard, so what did I do?

I went up to her and said "Hey! You... your nipping." and walked off. I went and talked to a few friends then came back, she wasn't there, so I went into the library and played some games on the computer.

Then I felt someone slap me on the back and it was her. I tell her "Hands off the merchandise, this shit ain't for free".

She goes and sits down, then comes back and ask me what nipping is. I grab her tit/nipple area and her nipples get harder and I say "that is what nipping is, you know when your nipples stick out".

She acts surprised for a minute, and then starts trying to grab my dick for the remainder of the interaction. Rubbing on my chest and shit. She was about an hb 6.5, but she had some fucking tits that made me fucking stop in my tracks.

They felt good too, the right one anyways, thats the only one I felt of, this time.

Then we get kicked out of the library for "fighting" as the librarian called it.

I act like I'm holding the door open for the girl to come out of the library, and shut it on her right as she is coming out... then start running.. she starts chasing... I stop and look back at her... then she trys to grab my dick again.

I don't know what I'd want from her right now though... but a blow job never hurt anyone. So we'll see what happens tomorrow.

I did say "hey.. wats up" to a few girls at the grocery store... but none responded. I should of used the opportunity to use some routines, but I didn't.

They weren't all that hot anyway though.

Oh and I asked a girl if she wanted to tag along with me to the park.

later guys

Friday, October 12, 2007

Well... It's Friday

Still sick, but determined to go sarging.

My mom left me at home and took my sister
to the doctor (also sick).

So I'm stuck at home.

I have an audio for you guys from last night:

(uploading) (uploading) (uploading) (lol yes this is so necessary) (uploading)(uploading)(uploading)(uploading)(and....)(....)(....)(done!)

the password is: wildcardpua

Download it and comment!

That was just my state of mind before going to bed last night : P

** Update **
My sister has bronchitis and my mom doesn't want me to go to the game... and I didn't go to school today... I have been home all day! Im about to go freaking crazy.. but I AM GOING to get to that game tonight!**

** Update **
Had to stay home tonight because my sister had bad bronchitis and mom didn't want me going out... went to Albertson's and saw 1... yeah just 1 HB... started to approach her, but as I approached her she kind of pulled up her shirt and leaned back... so I just said excuse me and went past..

Bad move... but I wasn't in the mood for a negative reaction.. I need to read the creed at the top of my blog a little more I guess.. Oh well... I WILL get back to sarging again..

otherwise I have to hear punishment from you guys for not making these approaches... thats why im telling the total truth on everything..



I will be posting some in field recordings today! *** sorry guys***

- The Wildcard

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sick... yeah it sucks

Well.. woke up this morning, sick as hell... went back to bed and then woke up at 1:00 PM.

Went to taco bell to get something to eat and there were no HB's! Ate then went to the doctor and got a shot in the ass.. NO HB's!

Went to a few places with my mom that were for our business... NO HB's...

Yeah it sucked, but then I went to my school to pick up my work for the day. I was about to approach this one girl, but then she looked at me and looked away real quick.. wtf is that?

Oh well I'll make up for it when I go sarging. It's a lot harder for me to sarge in school because of previous low social status.

Should get better though, because I'm giving a speech at the football game on the 26th.. I'm gonna have MAJOR social proof after that and plan on sarging the game to the MAX!

My sister's birthday party is going to be at Logan's Roadhouse (has lots of hot waitresses) on October 18th and I plan on gaming all of them.

Probably with the waitress interview : P

Thats all I have today, but I promise I'll have at least one approach tomorrow, sick or not.

- The Wildcard

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gah... Weirdness

Alright I haven't posted for 5 days..
the reason being is a bit of depression
and not getting great responses from
my targets.

Today... wednesday... I woke up this morning
with an awesome attitude and finally spiked my
hair like I had it in the first place to wear to school.

I had a pretty fun day... lol a lot of stupid shit with
my friends and loud as hell...

didn't really talk to my main target much.. she's not
really being receptive. I am wondering if she may have
lost interest because I pushed too much and didn't pull

Tomorrow I plan on using an SOI and will tell you guys
how it goes. I'm going to enter EVERY set I can at lunch
and game every girl there is if possible. I will have no
fear at all.. I usually don't game near as good at school.

Probably because of looking stupid... but fuck Im a junior
and I'll be out pretty soon. I will use it as testing grounds
for techniques, and plus I will always have my Real friends.

Comments will be appreciated guys (and girls)..

- The Wildcard

Friday, October 5, 2007

Great day today...

Well I woke up today a little late.. went to school... had a few muffins for breakfast.

Put a new album of Jimi Hendrix on my Ipod and rocked a little on the way to school.

Got there, went to first period and screwed around a lot with my friend whose trying to get with this one girl. I keep telling him he better NOT get whipped and he keeps making all of these excuses of how he gets whipped so easily.

Pisses me off but he's funny as hell, so its cool. Then I go lots of uneasy tension in my next 2 classes which is very unusual. Then comes the next class in which there are 3-5 girls I really dislike... wow it was quite a fight in there.

Then lunch... this is where the magic started happening. I started putting out some natural game and a little body language flirting to the girl I sit by at lunch. She's about an HB 8.5 and that includes her great personality. She's hot but doesn't really have that many friends. I keep finding that the hotter the girls are, the less friends they have, and the less fun the have.

I'm sure this is due to people pedestalling them to the roof and never just having fun with it. Well she started following me around, a tap on the arm and she said "Hey come out here with me". But I told her I'd be out in a second... I was going to get my daily Ice Cream : P

Well I take my time in there... and here she comes back into the cafeteria looking for me. We go out there and she ask me how many of these people I know. I have never really thought of myself as a popular person, but I really was from her perspective.

There were a few guys that kept interrupting me so I just left to a different part of the lobby we were in. She followed and we talked. Another girl came up and I introduced my self to her... got a little kino in with the handshake and a nice smile out of her.

The vibe I had was amazing throughout this and they were all loving it.

Well this is all I have for today guys... no number closes.... email closes or the like for today... but I'll get back with you tomorrow on that.

Then I stayed after school to finish a few test up. I went to the front of my school to wait for my mom (lol don't have my license yet but w/e im 16) and there were two girls sitting there.

Right as I was about to talk to them, my phone rang and I talked...

Earlier I had teased one of them about not having electricity and a few other C & F things...

She asked to see my cell phone and I asked her why she didn't just use the one in her hand...

She replied "I don't have electricity... remember"....

I chuckled and remembered who she was... she used my phone... saw my awesome background on my phone... showed her friend and laughed.

I got a little uneasy and unsure of what to say... so I just went outside and listened to my IPOD...

end of day from there!

- The Wildcard

Mission Wildcard: Become An mPUA

The name's Wildcard... I've been studying seduction for about 9 months and been practicing it for about 5 months.

I've had ok success, but i'm looking to really turn it up and document everything on this blog right here.

I will post every step I take to becoming a MASTER PUA (Pick Up Artist) on this blog and the information will be available publicly to you.

Nothing gets to me more than a man not being a man these days. Guy's wanting to get with an ex-girlfriend that cheated on them, guy's pedestalling girls like they're some kind of god, and letting women control the relationship.

Men have always been the leaders and they need to remain that way. Men need to be MEN!

If your not a real man, your not going to get women. Why? Because it's straight up unattractive!

Well I'm about to post my first day!