Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FUCK YEAH.. Had an awesome time today..

Alright.. go to a party.. non profit function...

not much there.. then these two black chicks roll in..

both hot..

alright so I'm in the main part.. being me.. messing with them..

hitting them.. playfighting.. just generally being the fucking pimp I am..

I was major in state.. so one starts going to this other part.. at the back
of the store...

there are candles and shit.. so I grab one.. smell of it.. act like it turns me on..

I'm like "mmmmmm this smells sooo good". And she's like "let me smell"...

I'm like "alright". and hold the candle up to her face. she puts her hand on mine
and smells of it..

alright I'm thinking here.. *Ok.. i need to escalate... but wait a second this chick is 26 and im 16.. wtf.*


I didn't but fuck her tits were hot..

that was pretty much the end of that.. I left... I mean they were my moms business friends but w/e.. NO EXCUSES...

I'm gonna run the fucking train next time.. no matter what.. CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE...

Then theres this milf that I talk to casually... then start escalating kino.. and then what she does comes up..

She's like.. oh... Im a police officer..

I kinda get freaked by this.. but it doesn't make sense..

My mom comes back.. and my grandma.. family is at this party btw...

so I cool it down..

all in all.. a great night.. but it could have been a glorious one if I had just RUN THE TRAIN RUN THE TRAIN RUN THE TRAIN and RUN THE TRAIN...

Have fun guys!

- The_wildcard

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

FR: Facebook Fun To The MAX!

********alrighty.. I start with the little "are you interested" application marking some people.. then I get this message, and reply with these responses:

9:53pm November 12th

9:57pm November 12th
hey.. so.. tell me.. what is the absolute craziest thing you have ever done?

Today at 4:37pm
idk why??
you firstttt lol.

Today at 4:43pm
I fucked a midget.. well she was like 4'6" (is that a midget?) and she got me really drunk.. and took advantage of me.. your not like that... are you?

cuz you kinda give me that freak vibe lol

Today at 4:44pm
im not a freak but i do some freaky shit when im with my friendsss lol.

Today at 4:45pm
and no im not like that lol.
i do whatever i want and no one really stops me lol. so where do you liveeee???

Today at 4:49pm
south of dfw.. what about you.. and its your turn!

Today at 4:50pm
what is dfw???
i love in the woodlands texas
and idk im drunk alot lol.

Today at 5:10pm
how dare you superpoke me!

I'm the only one with a stick big enough for a super poke...

and hands off the merchandise babe.. or else WAR!

Today at 5:10pm
ohh no i can tooo babeee and what merchadise iim hot i have lots of things to do to youuu lol.

Today at 5:17pm
take that bite right on the ass.. and your turning me on... so stop

**** I sent a superpoke to her that was a "bite"*****

Today at 5:18pm
ohh i willl babyyy
im sorry i get that alot j/k
so where is dfw????

****** alright then she sends me a " Fun Doll" and I reply to her gift:

Today at 5:21pm
I love this doll.. it gives really good blow jobs!

Today at 5:22pm
ahahahah i know doesnt it lol.
put upp a pictureee you seem supahhh hott

**** she writes on my wall (comments on my profile):

heyyyy sexyyyy
\bang me nowww
ohhh babyyy pleaseeee lol.

**** to which I reply:

Today at 5:33pm
maybe when I pass by next month.. if your lucky... I'll pay you a visit...

or you could just drive over here right now... btw.. have you ever done it with another girl?

Today at 5:35pm
im not a lesbian lol.
and that would be a no

maybe i shouldd where do you liveee?????

Today at 5:45pm
well.. I'm not gonna tell you exactly.. but if your thinking of a crazy roadtrip to come bang me... you can use these directions:

Today at 5:47pm
you live in texas??
thats what dfw stands for dallas fort worth huhh???

Today at 5:48pm
did you just figure that out?

lol dork!

Today at 5:49pm
yeah i did im not a geographical person okay goshhhh lol.

**** Then she leaves another comment on my wall:

calll me laterrr babeeeee
***.***.**** =)

**** alright thats pretty much the end except for some more "super poking" lol....

also I almost got this girl to drive to my house today (160 miles away from her)... she might be coming down here for the sole purpose of fucking me to which I will play hard to get :P

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Random Email Game stuff

this was right after I posted last night.. heres some email game:

******* Read from bottom to top... lol **********************

From her

well I'm grounded so I can't go ne where...but wat I mean is...are we boyfrnd n grlfrnd???

-----Original Message-----
From: me
Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2007 2:57 AM
To: her
Subject: RE: yo..

Lol freshman these days….

Maybe we’ll hang out tomorrow or go out.. or whatever your mind perceives…

I’m not sure what you mean by together.. how can someone be “together”
Before they’ve even went out somewhere?

From:  her
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2007 07:34 PM
To:  me
Subject: RE: yo.. does that mean were together?
From: me
To: her
Subject: RE: yo..
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 19:18:47 -0600

Go out.. hang out.. whats the diff?
And you should sneak out and steal a car
And rob a bank
And give me the money : P
If you get online tho.. my hotmail s/n is this s/n

From: her
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2007 06:51 PM
To: me
Subject: RE: yo.. grounded so i cant go ne where...but do you wanna go out w me?
From: me
To: her
Subject: RE: yo..
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 18:34:43 -0600

I like me too :P
Tonight Im going to the game.. but we can
Hang out tomorrow between 2:30 and up to
Im busy for the rest of the day so where do you
From: me
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 05:52 PM
To: her
Subject: RE: yo..

yea it tell you the truth i kinda like you

her name
To: her
Subject: yo..
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 20:30:30 -0600

Hey dude… Wednesday school was pretty fun..
What are you doing this weekend? Specifically
Anytime Saturday from 2:30 to 4:35 PM…

- Cody

**** end of email game ****

alright guys.. feel free to comment

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Supp Guys!

Hey what's happening all you Wannabe PUA's (including me at this moment) lol

Well Im about to roll out and go a few places.. If I get any number closes.. kiss closes..
hell I could even get a fuck close.. I'll let you know!

** alright I'm back..

Im going to be honest.. I didn't approach any sets.. one approached me! I didn't open though or continue the convo..

Im going to call a few girls a number closed last night and try to go over there.. i'll bbl to update you : )

alright here's the phone call to HBWEDNESDAY and HBBLOWJOB:

lo and behold.. about 5 minutes later HBBLOWJOB calls back not once.. but twice! I don't answer, and call back approximately 6 or 7 minutes later.. here's what happened:

Friday, November 9, 2007

Im Baccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

Alright guys... I'm back.. and this time for good.

The girl in the previous field report... libraryHB.

I went to her house on 11/03/2007.. here's a
breakdown of what happened.

I get there, I take over her bed, Transition to massage,
finger her, then get a blow job.

This was my second kiss, first Blow Job, and first time
to finger a girl.

Here's the long, and more detailed version:

I get there
we mess around a little bit... nothing sexual at this point
go into her backyard.. I push her around...
pick her up a few times...
act like Im gonna throw her on her roof...
then we go in and I immediately go to her room...
and jump on her bed
sprawl out.. taking up the whole thing
then she tells me to move over...
im like "fuck you.. this is my bed"

so she "forces me to move over
shes on the edge of the bed
she just put a movie in

I started tickling her stomach
and she was like "stop!"
and pretended to call her mom

so I pushed her off the edge of the bed
and started laughing at her
more of that throughout the whole movie

which was like 1 hour and a half
I have no Idea what it was about..

then she starts acting unresponsive
and I find her "spot" (makes her horny she says)
the inside of her right ear

I keep touching it
rubbing it
and she's like quit.. that does something to me

I of course know this

but im like "yeah.. ti tickles you.. which bothers you.. which is gonna get you the fuck out of my bed eventually"
so i can relax and watch the movie

then I somehow transition to a massage
im on top of her

her with a tanktop and bra still on
I tell her "take your fucking shirt off.. its in the way"

she's like nooo... im like "fine then" and go sit in her recliner

she goes into the bathroom and changes into some sports bra type thing with her other bra still on

then I start massaging her back
purposely getting lotion all over the clothes in my way

then I tell her its my turn
she takes off the one tanktop thing
and I'm looking at the movie

theres a chick with some nice tits on htere

i hear her behind me "OMg... my boob just flopped out.. glad you weren't looking

im like "I think I'll be alright"
she looks at the TV and slaps me on the back

I start laughing
she gives me a nice massage
sitting on my ass

im rock hard at this time
I turn over
and say "Ok.. now its time for a chest massage.. get busy"

she says "thats not fair.. u need to give me one first"
I say fuck you.. but eventuall do it

she isn't positioned right
so I tell her to get the fuck down there
and move her in the right position

she does
I start massaging her stomach.. and sides

then in between her bra
then under her bra.. and on her tits

I tell her to take her damn bra off
shes like "Noo.. what if my mom comes in"

"thats what makes it exhilarating"

her: whats that mean?
me *laughs* looks away
me: just take your bra off
her: here you do it

and I cant do it

so I tell her to do it.. her bras must be stupid.. they don't open right
she says no
so I go sit in the recliner again

shes like "fine then!"
and then a few seconds later she starts taking off her bra
and says ok I did in.. now come finish

i get up.. then kinda wave my hand like naa i don't want to anymore
and shes' like fine then

and then shes like "pllleeeaassee"
I go over there

start massaging her tits
finish on her
then she turns sideways.. and we start watching the movie

im still massaging her tits
then I start massaging her stomach
and legs
then slip my hand down her pants

finger her
she orgasms
the im like "you gonna do me or not?

shes like yeah

I sit there for a second.. and shes like "well take it out"
im like
"I figured you were going to do the honors"
I take it out.. she starts giving me a BJ

and Im sitting there
start pulling her hair
and fingering her again
we finish
shes like "you can take your hands out of my pants now"

oh i forgot
in between there.. she was like "fuck me please"
i told her no.. I don't have a condom

well.. thats it guys.. feel free to share your opinions

also got 2 phone numbers and an email... currently trying
to set up meets for those : )

but I promise I will start detailing my every day so you guys
can see its possible to go from where I'm at now.. to a master

- The Wildcard