Wednesday, November 14, 2007

FR: Facebook Fun To The MAX!

********alrighty.. I start with the little "are you interested" application marking some people.. then I get this message, and reply with these responses:

9:53pm November 12th

9:57pm November 12th
hey.. so.. tell me.. what is the absolute craziest thing you have ever done?

Today at 4:37pm
idk why??
you firstttt lol.

Today at 4:43pm
I fucked a midget.. well she was like 4'6" (is that a midget?) and she got me really drunk.. and took advantage of me.. your not like that... are you?

cuz you kinda give me that freak vibe lol

Today at 4:44pm
im not a freak but i do some freaky shit when im with my friendsss lol.

Today at 4:45pm
and no im not like that lol.
i do whatever i want and no one really stops me lol. so where do you liveeee???

Today at 4:49pm
south of dfw.. what about you.. and its your turn!

Today at 4:50pm
what is dfw???
i love in the woodlands texas
and idk im drunk alot lol.

Today at 5:10pm
how dare you superpoke me!

I'm the only one with a stick big enough for a super poke...

and hands off the merchandise babe.. or else WAR!

Today at 5:10pm
ohh no i can tooo babeee and what merchadise iim hot i have lots of things to do to youuu lol.

Today at 5:17pm
take that bite right on the ass.. and your turning me on... so stop

**** I sent a superpoke to her that was a "bite"*****

Today at 5:18pm
ohh i willl babyyy
im sorry i get that alot j/k
so where is dfw????

****** alright then she sends me a " Fun Doll" and I reply to her gift:

Today at 5:21pm
I love this doll.. it gives really good blow jobs!

Today at 5:22pm
ahahahah i know doesnt it lol.
put upp a pictureee you seem supahhh hott

**** she writes on my wall (comments on my profile):

heyyyy sexyyyy
\bang me nowww
ohhh babyyy pleaseeee lol.

**** to which I reply:

Today at 5:33pm
maybe when I pass by next month.. if your lucky... I'll pay you a visit...

or you could just drive over here right now... btw.. have you ever done it with another girl?

Today at 5:35pm
im not a lesbian lol.
and that would be a no

maybe i shouldd where do you liveee?????

Today at 5:45pm
well.. I'm not gonna tell you exactly.. but if your thinking of a crazy roadtrip to come bang me... you can use these directions:

Today at 5:47pm
you live in texas??
thats what dfw stands for dallas fort worth huhh???

Today at 5:48pm
did you just figure that out?

lol dork!

Today at 5:49pm
yeah i did im not a geographical person okay goshhhh lol.

**** Then she leaves another comment on my wall:

calll me laterrr babeeeee
***.***.**** =)

**** alright thats pretty much the end except for some more "super poking" lol....

also I almost got this girl to drive to my house today (160 miles away from her)... she might be coming down here for the sole purpose of fucking me to which I will play hard to get :P

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