Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FUCK YEAH.. Had an awesome time today..

Alright.. go to a party.. non profit function...

not much there.. then these two black chicks roll in..

both hot..

alright so I'm in the main part.. being me.. messing with them..

hitting them.. playfighting.. just generally being the fucking pimp I am..

I was major in state.. so one starts going to this other part.. at the back
of the store...

there are candles and shit.. so I grab one.. smell of it.. act like it turns me on..

I'm like "mmmmmm this smells sooo good". And she's like "let me smell"...

I'm like "alright". and hold the candle up to her face. she puts her hand on mine
and smells of it..

alright I'm thinking here.. *Ok.. i need to escalate... but wait a second this chick is 26 and im 16.. wtf.*


I didn't but fuck her tits were hot..

that was pretty much the end of that.. I left... I mean they were my moms business friends but w/e.. NO EXCUSES...

I'm gonna run the fucking train next time.. no matter what.. CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE...

Then theres this milf that I talk to casually... then start escalating kino.. and then what she does comes up..

She's like.. oh... Im a police officer..

I kinda get freaked by this.. but it doesn't make sense..

My mom comes back.. and my grandma.. family is at this party btw...

so I cool it down..

all in all.. a great night.. but it could have been a glorious one if I had just RUN THE TRAIN RUN THE TRAIN RUN THE TRAIN and RUN THE TRAIN...

Have fun guys!

- The_wildcard

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