Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hmmmm... grrr :/

alrighty.. me, my mom, and sister hit up the movie theater.. sets galore.. as of my understanding.. we're gonna watch the movie.. then stay for 30-45 mins afterwards.. the movies over..

mom: "lets go"
me: wtffffffff! i %$@#%$#@ thought we were gonna #$@#$$# stay for a bit!

then end up leaving.. no more sets for today :(

but i'm delving into bathroom pulls and such :P

they seem like just what i need at the moment because of not having a car..

but I'll def. post up more stuff tomorrow..

probably audio.. cuz im lazy.. but its better with audio anyway.. you guys can get
a feel for the energy of the interaction...

lata playas!

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