Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm back.. and WOW!

alright first things first.. i read the post from when i last posted..

i have totally transformed since then.. I no longer make pickup hard...

one big thing.. something HUGE... i had a chance on my birthday to get laid 6.. no 7 times.. so long as i didn't say anything really fucked up and just let it flow...

so what was the big problem? what is the biggest SP for me at the moment?


I'm expecting it within a month tops.. i'm doing online drivers ed stuff... which i'm paying for...

As far as talking to girls.. it just all runs smoothly now.. there are the odd times when i get blown out.. but it's either hook like a muthafucka or insta-blowout.. its probably due to my sometimes too overt sexuality.. and overall sexual vibe i have..

but it sure makes things easy later.. i've gotten the odd blowjob.. the odd handjob.. just from this stuff..

but it seems everytime it comes time to "seal the deal".. i don't have a ride..

anyway.. enough of me attempting to leverage myself to get my DL quicker.. and ranting my frustration..

I am also at a point where i'm almost totally consciously competent... not quite there.. there are still some things not internalized.. some social cues i miss.. but they will come with time.. i'm also gonna start doing an audio series..

Mainly to help me.. but i'm sure you guys will get a lot out of it too..

if anyone even still checks this thing.. lol

anyway.. i gotta get busy on that DL stuff.. along with my other short term goals atm.. which are huge... yet attainable.. and are gonna allow me to live the type of lifestyle I want...

and lead to the only thing i could consider the meaning of life.. happiness..

after all..

life is a perception of reality

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